What are your fees?

Our fee is the industry standard 3%. As a seller of real property you should expect to pay 3% to your listing agent and 3% to the buyer’s agent. This is part of the MLS agreement between brokers.

Why do I need to read the Agency Disclosure Brochure?

Idaho law requires all licensed agents and brokers to provide the Agency Disclosure Brochure to all customers. The brochure describes the different agency relationships available to you and you should select the one that fits your needs. Keep in mind that if you select no relationship, the agent is still required to perform certain duties but is NOT required to maintain confidentiality. This is important to remember when you start price negotiations.

Why should I sign the Agency Disclosure Brochure receipt?

All licensees are required to provide the brochure to all customers, and preferably collect a receipt (or evidence) that the customer has received the brochure. It is simply a receipt and forms no obligation of any kind.

Do you hold Escrow funds?

Boise Signature Homes does not hold escrow funds. We use an established 3rd party escrow company.

If I list my home with you, what happens if I sell the home myself to a friend?

Our listing agreement stipulates that we are entitled to our commission no matter how the property is sold. It is always best to go through your listing agent to avoid any complications.